Welcome from Drs. Jacobs and Bates

Dear Alumni

If you have not been on campus lately, a lot of things have changed. We opened the Circle of Friends clinic two years ago. It is 3 blocks down the street across the street from the Dennis Development Center. It houses our resident’s continuity clinic. They have their own “private practice”. ACH will open the largest expansion of the hospital in 2012. The new “South Wing” will house a new larger ED along with expansion of inpatient beds and outpatient clinics. I hope when you are in Little Rock the next time, you will stop by and tour the campus.

The Department has also continued to change. We now have over 240 faculty, new programs, and a “Center for Children” in Northwest Arkansas. We now take 26 pediatric and 6 medicine/pediatric residents each year. The Match this year was very impressive as we continue to attract high quality residents into our program (just like all of you!). Although a lot of the faces that you remember are still here taking care of the kids, there are a lot of new faces on campus.

The Department of Pediatrics wants to invite you to become active in our Alumni program. Our primary goal for the program is to provide a social network for you to stay in communication with colleagues, friends and us. It is to help us keep updated on you, your family, and careers. We want your contact information and to get your help finding more of our alumni from our residency, fellowships and former faculty. We want this to be informative and fun. We want to share opportunities for events, CME, and exciting news related to our programs, faculty and ACH.

We will not be using this Alumni program or communications to request support or to get you to pledge support for any of our programs. I want it to become an extensive network for all of us to stay in touch, share news, updates, achievements, and even funny stories.

Please join us. Contact us through our website, review our Facebook page, and send us your contact information so we can enhance our database. When you are in town, stop by.

Richard Jacobs and Jon Bates