The UAMS Pediatric Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship is a multi-site program consists of for three (3) full-time, 12-month positions, with the Fellowship providing 2000 hours of supervised training (which meets APPIC standards and Arkansas Psychology Board licensure requirements for postdoctoral training hours).  The Fellowship program is part of a comprehensive interdisciplinary training effort within the Department of Pediatrics at UAMS, and involves other trainees such as medical fellows, residents, students, social work interns, and speech/language pathology interns. In addition, psychologists are embedded in other sections within the Department of Pediatrics (i.e., Children at Risk, Adolescent Medicine, Behavioral Pediatrics, Center for Applied Research and Evaluation). The Fellowship is under the direction of the Section of Pediatric Psychology and Schmieding Developmental Center (SDC), which consists of 15 doctoral-level psychologists, 3 postdoctoral fellows and 2 master’s-level psychological examiners. The Fellowship consists of three tracks: pediatric psychology (Little Rock) and child clinical (Northwest Arkansas, NWA).


Neuropsychology (1 position)

Location: Lowell, Arkansas

The child clinical track has a focus on assessment with a minimum of 50% assessment per rotation and allows for pediatric and neuropsychology opportunities. This program satisfies requirements for board certification in pediatric neuropsychology as part of a 2-year training program through the clinical training and additional structured didactics/seminars.

Developmental Pediatric Psychology (1 position)

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

Focus at least 50% time in evaluations in the Cardio-Neurodevelopmental Program, Growth and Development clinic, High-Risk Newborn clinic and the Dennis Developmental Center (e.g., team-based autism evaluations, ADHD and psychoeducational evaluations). This Fellow will also provide services as part of the inpatient consult services and have opportunities for rotations in feeding, sleep, pain and other ACH-based clinics. There are research opportunities. This Fellow will participate in the UAMS LEND program.

Pediatric Psychology Track (1 positions)

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

Focus on inpatient and outpatient C&L, adherence, pain management, coping and behavior management across several outpatient medical clinics including Audiology and Hearing Impairment, Burn/Plastics, GI/Feeding, Headache, Pulmonary/CF, Sleep Medicine and Weight Management. There are opportunities to participate in LEND and various elective experiences such as research, TF-CBT training and various pediatric subspecialty outpatient clinics

COVID-19 Specific Updates

ACH and UAMS are dedicated to providing safe and patient centered care. While we anticipate services will return to in-person by the start of the training year, UAMS and ACH have worked hard to build telehealth programs that will continue beyond the COVID-19 crisis. There will continue to be a combination of in-person and virtual clinical and educational experiences.

Training Locations and Resources

The Department of Pediatrics (DOP) at the UAMS has over 200 faculty members and provides its clinical services through Arkansas Children’s system, which is the sixth largest pediatric hospital in the nation and provides outstanding clinical facilities. Working at both UAMS and ACH, Fellows also have access to both the UAMS and ACH medical libraries, Employee Health, fitness center and campus resources. Fellows share dedicated office space in the section where all of the faculty are also located. Fellows receive administrative support from the Psychology Fellowship Coordinator and Office Manager. The Fellows are provided laptops with carrying bags, docking stations, desks, additional filing cabinets, pagers, telephones, business cards and access to a variety of training materials including books. Fellows receive training in the electronic medical record systems used on campus; EPIC Hyperspace and Allscripts EHR.

Little Rock

Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) 

ACH is the only pediatric medical center and pediatric Trauma 1 facility in Arkansas. Known for being one of the largest pediatric medical providers with 359 beds and spanning 36 city blocks, ACH proudly provides world-class medical care to children and families throughout Arkansas and surrounding areas. Pediatric Psychology Fellows cover several outpatient medical clinics including Cardiology, CPAP Adherence, Pulmonary/CF, GI/Liver, High-Risk Newborn, Audiology and Hearing Impairment, Weight Management, Sleep, Burn/Plastics, and Chronic Pain. Also, Fellows cover the Inpatient Consultation/Liaison Service for all of ACH. Fellows may select from various elective experiences, which include developmental disabilities, research, medical crisis and loss and various pediatric subspecialty outpatient clinics. ACH takes a patient-family centered care approach included several patient and family led initiatives and an extensive Family Engagement Center. For more information on specific clinics, resources and programs please see the Arkansas Children’s website at:

UAMS J.L. Dennis Developmental Center (DDC)

The DDC is an outpatient interdisciplinary evaluation and treatment center that serves a variety of patient populations with a focus on children with developmental, learning, and/or behavioral problems from birth through 13 years of age. In the DDC, Fellows can participate in psychoeducational assessment, autism spectrum disorders, behavioral assessment, multidisciplinary team assessment, and psychotherapy. For more information on specific clinics, resources and programs please see the UAMS DDS website at:

Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND)

The Pediatric Psychology track is partially funded by a grant to the Partners for Inclusive Communities. Fellows in Little Rock participate in the LEND interdisciplinary training program. The LEND program is federally funded through the Maternal Child Health Bureau. The purpose of the LEND program is to provide trainees with experiences to competently apply knowledge and skills to the care of persons with developmental disabilities and their families; effectively participate in an interdisciplinary process of designing, evaluating, and implementing programs; and effectively work in an interprofessional team. In addition to these clinical and training experiences, the fellows are encouraged to initiate research and/or participate in ongoing faculty research efforts. For more information please see the AUCD LEND website at:

Lowell, Arkansas

UAMS Schmieding Developmental Center (SDC)

SDC is an outpatient interdisciplinary evaluation and treatment center also serving a variety of patient populations with a focus on neuropsychological and neurodevelopmental assessments, complex learning problems, multidisciplinary team assessments, medical psychology, and concussion management from birth through 18 years of age.  The outpatient clinics operate similarly with a medical psychologist and resident providing support in these clinical settings as requested by subspecialists. More information on clinics and programs can be found at: