Little Rock

Jayne Bellando, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Texas Tech, 1988) Pediatric Psychology. Areas of interest include: psychological and educational testing, social skills and anxiety issues with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders; community outreach and educational programs; diabetes adherence and adjustment.

Mark Edwards, Ph.D. (Professor, Virginia Tech., 1990) Pediatric Psychology. Areas of interest include: parent training, behavioral assessment and treatment, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, pediatric headache disorders, recurrent abdominal pain, and pediatric behavioral medicine, program development and evaluation.

Shari Gaudette, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, University of Utah, 2006) Areas of interest include: psychoeducational assessment, treatment of anxiety disorders, and behavioral management and emotional support of overweight youth.

Tiffany Howell, Ph.D.  (Assistant Professor, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA; Ph.D. 2012) Areas of interest include: Chronic Pain, Headache, PANS/PANDAS, Sickle Cell Disease, and Treatment Adherence.

 Nicholas Long, Ph.D. (Professor, University of Georgia, 1985) Pediatric Psychology. Director of Pediatric Psychology. Areas of interest include: Parent education, parent training, parental divorce, and prevention of child behavior problems..

Elizabeth Pulliam, Psy.D. (Assistant Professor, Nova Southeastern University, 2004). Pediatric Psychology. Areas of interest include: feeding disorders in young children, psychological and educational evaluation, treatment of emotional, behavioral, and adherence concerns in children with medical and/or developmental challenges.

 Seth Sorenson, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, University of Arizona, 2014) Clinical Neuropsychology. Areas of interest include: Cognitive development, and clinical assessment of neuromedical, neuropsychiatric, and developmental conditions.

 Janine Watson, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, University of Canterbury, 1987) Center for Applied Research and Evaluation. Areas of interest include: feeding disorders in young children, failure to thrive, and developmental effects of drug exposure.

Brandi Whitaker, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Washington State University 2011). Pediatric Psychology. Areas of interest: health-related quality of life, adherence to treatment and treatment outcomes, chronic pain, obesity, cystic fibrosis, and working with patients with medically complex patients and their families.


Damon Lipinski, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, University of Memphis 2009). Neuropsychology and Child Clinical Psychology. Areas of Interest: Traumatic Brain Injury, Epilepsy, Neurological Disorders, Learning Disorders and the Multidisciplinary Management of Concussion. He currently directs the SDC Concussion program and multidisciplinary team at UAMS Northwest.

Amy Seay, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas 2010). Pediatric Psychology and Integrated Behavioral Health. Areas of Interest: identifying and treating maladaptive health behaviors, providing behavioral health services for issues related to pediatric health conditions, and addressing emotional and behavioral functioning and promoting health-related quality of life for patients with acute and chronic health conditions. Dr. Seay also has interest in advocacy and policy and currently serves as President of the State Psychological Association.

Mary Ann Scott, Ph.D., ABPP (Professor, Oklahoma State University 1993). Pediatric Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology. Areas of interest: Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Genetic Disorders, Congenital Heart Disorders, Neuro-oncology, Sensory Impaired Children, and working with medical specialists, families and educational systems to enhance outcomes. She serves as the program director and Section Chief for Schmieding Developmental Center.