The NICU guidebook was developed by Neonatology faculty and support staff for use at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Arkansas Children’s Hospital and University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, Arkansas.

What’s on the website?

  • Table of contents: The NICU Guidebook ToC lists the different sections of the website. It includes medication dosages, management guidelines of different neonatal pathologies, nutritional information and resources such as the ACH transport protocols, the BiliTool and the ACH/UAMS NICU attending schedule.
  • The site is interactive and allows for calculation of medications dosages and different formulas commonly used in the NICU.
  • The site also includes contact information of neonatal faculty and support staff. When accessed on the phone, it allows direct calls to pagers, phone number and hospital extensions.   The search feature allows searching the content of the site.

How do I access it?

  • Access is restricted to the neonatal faculty and staff and residents who practice at ACH or UAMS Nursery/NICU and other neonatal staff affiliated with ACH and/or UAMS.
  • Faculty and staff who have access to the NICU Guidebook will receive an email detailing steps to access the content of the site and establishing login/password.