Social workers in the Arkansas Children’s Emergency Department offer a significantly wide range of clinical and assistive services with a primary focus on the safety of children both inside and outside of the home.  They are based in Children’s Emergency department 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All of our social workers are state-licensed, certified practitioners, and are able to address the needs of patients and families in an independent manner, and yet are an integral part of the interdisciplinary milieu of modern hospital practice. Our social workers offer diverse assessment services including mental health assessments with children in emotional crises and assist with facilitating psychiatric hospitalization, safety planning, and outpatient counseling referrals. Social workers assist with the evaluation of physical and sexual abuse and neglect and provide mandated reporting to respective law enforcement and investigative agencies. Our social workers are also able to aid in the referral processes to local agencies to address such needs as domestic violence, homelessness, medically-oriented legal problems, and youth at risk. They are versed in the resources that are available to patients and their families. They are able to utilize both ACH- and community-based resources to assist families in need; such resources can include issues such as teen pregnancy, sex trafficking, alcohol and drug use, transportation needs, and food insecurity and lodging needs. Our social work staff often work in tandem with hospital and state-based agencies to aid in the clarification of custody and guardianship status of minor patients. Above all, social workers in our Emergency Department strive to offer interventions with kindness, compassion, and support of patients and families in understandably overwhelming and emotionally difficult situations.