The Arkansas Children’s Hospital Emergency Department has an incredible team of Respiratory Therapists.  Nick D., Kathryn M., Patricia V., and Brandi R. are our four core registered respiratory therapists who work strictly in the ED.  There are over 80 rotating therapists who help out in the ED as needed, and over 65 percent of our therapists have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Our Arkansas Children’s Respiratory Care Department earned the 2019-2020 APEX award from the AARC demonstrating high-quality care, patient safety, patient satisfaction, and evidence-based practices. The Arkansas Children’s Respiratory Care Department annually submits several abstracts to AARC committing ourselves to excellence for evidence-based research.

Respiratory Therapists in our Emergency Department have many roles.  As ED therapists, we must think quickly on our feet to assess our patients, start treatments, or prepare to secure an airway. Some of our job specifications are nebulizing medications, continuous albuterol treatments, suctioning patients, initiating oxygen therapy, and asthma education. We also assist the airway physician by preparing for intubation, securing and reassessing tube placement, bag-mask ventilation, maintaining optimum ETCO2 monitoring, initiating mechanical ventilation, CPR, as well as obtaining blood gasses.   We transport with the team to CT/MRI or UNITS in the hospital to handoff patients for the best continuity of care.

Here at Arkansas Children’s, our Respiratory Therapist team is a family.  We all strive to give the best quality of care to each patient and help them breathe easier.  If you are interested in being a part of our team at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, please email Randy Willis at