Advanced Practice Nurses

Our Emergency Medicine Pediatric Advanced Practice Nurses are trained to manage acutely ill or injured children from newborn to 20 years old and treat patients with varying levels of acuity. Our APNs are nationally board-certified and practice independently within their scope. They can diagnose and treat patients who present with acute symptoms. They perform various procedures such as laceration repair, abscess drainage, splinting, and more. They provide holistic care addressing the patient’s psychosocial and mental health needs. They emphasize education in a patient and family-centered manner. Our team in the Emergency Department at Arkansas Children’s consists of five highly experienced APNs that staff our fast track 16 hours a day, seven days a week.  ​


Alison Baldridge, APN
Alison Baldridge, APN, M.N.Sc., CPNP
Advanced Practice Nurse
Courtney Robinson, APN, M.N.Sc., CPNP
Advanced Practice Nurse
Erika Funmaker, APN
Erika Funmaker, APN, M.N.Sc., CPNP
Advanced Practice Nurse
Michelle Davis, APN
Michelle Davis, APN, M.N.Sc., CPNP
Advance Practice Nurse
Stephanie Fraze, APN
Stephanie Fraze, APN, M.N.Sc., ACPNP
Advanced Practice Nurse