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College of Medicine

Meet the Faculty and Staff

Message from the Director

Jill Fussell

Dr. Jill Fussell, Section Chief

Our faculty, fellows and staff are committed to enhancing the health of all children through excellence in clinical care, education, research, and service. Our mission is to provide state of the art care children and families at-risk of or having developmental and/or physical medicine conditions, including motor, communication, social, cognitive, learning and/or behavioral challenges. Our faculty particularly value interdisciplinary care, coordinating closely with other disciplines such as psychology, speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing, social work and others. This allows us the opportunity to fully appreciate an individual child’s profile of strengths and struggles, and develop a comprehensive plan to maximize children’s outcomes. Our core values of integrity, respect, teamwork, creativity and excellence are central to our approach in accomplishing our mission.

On behalf of our faculty, fellows, staff and partners at UAMS, ACH, ACRI and AR DHS, I invite you to experience for yourself the components and programs of the Section of Developmental-Behavioral & Rehabilitative Pediatrics. Join us and make a difference for children.

Jill J. Fussell, M.D., FAAP
Professor & Harvey and Bernice Jones Endowed Chair in Developmental Pediatrics
Section Chief, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics & Rehabilitative Medicine,
Service Chief, Arkansas Children’s Hospital Rehabilitative Services,
Medical Director, Arkansas Developmental Disabilities Services

Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics

Jaimie Flor, M.D.
Jaimie M. Flor, M.D.
Associate Professor
Tewar Shruti MD
Shruti N. Tewar, M.B., B.S.
Associate Professor
Maya Lopez, M.D.
Maya L. Lopez, M.D.
Associate Professor
Kimberly Macferran, M.D.
Kimberly M. Macferran, M.D.
Associate Professor
Angela Lea Scott, M.D., Ph.D.
Angela Lea Scott, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Paulette Wy, M.D.
Paulette Wy, M.D.
Assistant Professor

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Beth Clark-Hanks ARPN
Beth Clark-Hanks, APRN
Laura Hobart-Porter, D.O.
Laura Hobart-Porter, D.O.
Assistant Professor
Vikki A. Stefans, M.D., Associate Professor
Vikki A. Stefans, M.D.
Associate Professor
Esther Tompkins M.D. Assistant Professor
Esther Tompkins, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Fernando Vargas, M.D. Assistant Prof
Fernando Vargas, M.D.
Assistant Professor

Meet the Staff

Veronica Grable, RN

Jessica Hodges, RN

Wanda Mitchell, RN-BC

Glenda Aaron, Project Coordinator

Carla Baggett, Administrative Analyst

Jane Koba, Office Manager