Maya Lopez, M.D., Principal Investigator (PI), is a Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician with 7 years of clinical experience in the field of ASD/ DD. She ensures the highest level of function at all levels through oversight and management of the ADDM grant. Her expertise and training in the subspecialty of Developmental Pediatrician, as an assistant professor working extensively in the area of diagnostics and treatment at the largest developmental center in the state, enhance methodologies, training and the clinical review processes through the grant quality assurance and quality improvement process.

Allison Hudson, CCRP, Project Coordinator (Research Program Manager), has served as Project Coordinator since the 2008 AR ADDM surveillance. A Certified Clinical Research Professional (Society of Clinical Research Associates) with 12 years’ experience in clinical research, 6 ½ years’ experience in pediatrics, she participated in Abstractor training and Project Coordinator training at CDC in August 2009, as well as Data Cleaning training at CDC in February 2010.

Rachael Brown, M.S., Record Abstractor (Health Information Specialist), has a Masters in Clinical Psychology with 6 years’ experience working with children, including 2 years specifically with autism. Rachael participated in Abstractor training at the CDC in August 2009 and has served as Abstractor since the 2008 AR ADDM surveillance.

Angela N. Smith, Record Abstractor (Health Information Specialist), completed abstractor training conducted by the AR ADDM Project Coordinator and January 2010 and has served as Abstractor since the 2008 AR ADDM surveillance.

Yvette Schwenk, M.S., Clinician Reviewer, is an Independent Licensed Psychological Examiner with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. She has 18+ years mental health experience, including 15 years performing assessments of adults and children, with 8 of those years exclusively performing developmental/cognitive assessments for children with developmental delays, autism, and learning disabilities.

Thaer Baroud, B.S.N., M.H.S.A., M.A., Epidemiologist, served as the epidemiologist for AR ADDM for the 2002 surveillance year from 2005 to 2007 and again is the AR ADDM epidemiologist since 2008. He formerly served as Senior Epidemiologist, Arkansas Department of Health – Center for Public Health Practice, Epidemiology Branch (2003-2008).

Jennie Stern, Data Manager, has served in this capacity since the 2008 AR ADDM surveillance and is a Data Analyst/Clinical Systems Analyst with the Biostatistics Program in the UAMS Department of Pediatrics. Ms. Stern is also responsible for the maintenance and project management of integrated applications and databases for ACHRI. She is involved in developing a new, user-friendly research database for end-users and providing various types of data analysis in regards to research. Ms. Stern works with research investigators and is the liaison between Pediatric Biostatistics, investigators, and ACH’s Systems Development Group.

Mark Wilson, R.N., M.A., MBA, Lead Clinician Reviewer, has over twenty-five years’ experience in health care working as a provider, consultant, and administrator for programs for persons with disabilities. He is the Medical Services Administrator for the Section of Developmental Pediatrics and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

John Morgan, Ph.D., Arkansas Department of Health Liaison, is a Data Processing Team Leader at the Arkansas Department of Health, Center for Health Statistics. He has more than 25 years’ experience in using birth certificate data for investigative child enforcement activities. He is an expert SAS® programmer and a certified GIS ArcView engineer.