Fellowship Curriculum

Teaching physicians who have completed specialty training and have chosen to pursue sub-specialty training in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine is an honor and a privilege that all of the UAMS Faculty in the Division of Pediatric Critical Care take to heart and perform with great passion.  We are committed to educating tomorrow’s leaders today.  We strive to be on the cutting edge when it comes to clinical care and education of young physicians.  To this end, our faculty have created a PCCM Fellowship Education Committee which spent 8 months spanning November 2017 through June 2018 revising, refining and enhancing the educational curriculum for physicians training in PCCM at UAMS and ACH.

In August of 2017, the PCCM faculty started taking in-house call for the first time.  This provides an attending who is available to help answer questions and provide guidance or a helping hand if the Fellow needs.  The curriculum is designed to provide graduated supervision over the 3-year training period and this includes the involvement of in-house attending physicians.

PCCM Year 1

The first year of PCCM training at UAMS was developed with the purpose of bringing all first-year fellow physicians to an equivalent knowledge and skill level as quickly as is possible and then build their knowledge base over the course of the first year with the goal of developing independent thought and a proactive style of practice.  These goals are accomplished through a fellow centric model of didactic and hands-on teaching that is heavily weighted toward the first half of the year.

  • The UAMS PCCM Faculty host a PICU Boot Camp which utilizes Arkansas Children’s hi-fidelity state of the art Simulation Education Center
  • PICU 101 is an 8-week PCCM Faculty developed curriculum which utilizes the expertise of all available UAMS College of Medicine Faculty to teach content specific knowledge to help the physician in training quickly and successfully transition from resident to fellow level knowledge and skills
  • ECMO Boot Camp is also completed in the early parts of the first year curriculum and is repeated throughout the physician’s training time at UAMS and ACH
  • Clinical experiences during this year of training include:
    • 5 months of PICU
    • 1 month of Pediatric Anesthesia
    • ½ month of Pediatric Deep Sedation Service
  • The initiation of a research project completes the first-year course of study

PCCM Year 2

The second year of PCCM training at UAMS is geared toward fellow physicians gaining further confidence in their knowledge of Pediatric Critical Care and how to implement medical plans which will provide therapy to their patients.

  • Clinical experiences during this year of training include:
    • 3 months of PICU
    • 2 months of Pediatric Cardiovascular ICU
  • Further development and initiation of the Fellow Physician’s research project occupies most of the non-clinical time during this year

PCCM Year 3

Third-year Fellow Physicians in PCCM at UAMS shift their focus from learning how to run rounds to actually running rounds under the supervision of our PCCM Faculty.  Further acclimation of knowledge and polishing previously gained knowledge help prepare the Fellow Physicians for the transition to independent practice in either academic or private PCCM practice.

  • Clinical experiences during this year of training include:
    • 2 months of PICU
    • 2 months of Pediatric Cardiovascular ICU
    • ½ month of Pediatric Deep Sedation Service
  • Research time during this year is largely devoted to continued data collection, data analysis, and submission of a first-authored manuscript reporting the Fellow Physician’s research findings.