The Team for Children at Risk is an Arkansas Children’s Hospital medical clinic and the medical providers are employed by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences . Team for Children at Risk Medical Clinic provides exams for sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect.

The atmosphere at the Team for Children at Risk Medical Clinic is warm and friendly, creating a needed sense of comfort and security for children. The Team for Children at Risk Medical Clinic staff prides itself on providing evaluations in the least traumatic manner possible.

Team for Children at Risk Medical Clinic is located in the Clark Center for Safe and Healthy Children at 1210 Wolfe Street on the campus of Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  A map will be sent to a parent or guardian to assist them in locating our facility. Parking is located in front of the building.

Who May Refer Children

We accept referrals for appointments from Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services, local law enforcement agencies, prosecuting attorneys, courts, physicians and other health care professionals.


If you are a medical provider or a community provider needing to refer a patient for an appointment, you may call us at (501) 364-2680.  We will complete an intake form and determine whether the child meets the criteria for an appointment.

However, please note that all criteria must be met in order for us to give an appointment.  The criteria are listed on the attached form.  If a child does not meet any one of these criteria, the child likely will need an immediate examination in the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Emergency Department.  If all the criteria is not met, call (501) 364-1185 and ask to speak to the admitting resident or nurse, OR you may call us and we can help you determine that need and notify the Emergency Department for you.

Children referred by primary care physician for issues other than child abuse will need a referral for insurance purposes.

Medical records for exams performed at the Team for Children at Risk Medical Clinic are maintained by the Medical Records Department at Arkansas Children’s Hospital (501-364-1268).

Medical Evaluations

Medical evaluations for child sexual abuse is a non-invasive exam.  Speculums are not used in the exam process.  A magnified light source is used to assist in the exam, but it is not an internal scope.  Evaluations for physical abuse may use x-ray and/or lab testing. Evaluations for neglect may include hair drug testing if requested by an investigator.  These tests do not involve pulling hair from the scalp and are not painful.

Who Receives the Medical Report

The medical record is released to the referring agency, referring physician and/or primary care physician, the Medical Records Department of Arkansas Children’s Hospital, and the offices of the appropriate law enforcement agency and Arkansas Department of Human Services.

Who to Call for Questions

You may contact the Team for Children at Risk Medical Clinic by phone, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 PM. The following is a list of the staff, their phone numbers, and responsibilities:

  • La Keisha Lofton, Clinic Coordinator (501) 364-2680
    • Intake coordinator and schedules appointments
    • Handles billing and insurance
  • Jeni McCann, LPN, Clinic Nurse (501) 364-2680
    • Answers questions regarding intakes and schedules appointments
    • Answers questions about examinations and assists with them
  • Toss Worthington, Nurse Practitioner (501) 364-2675
    • Explanation of medical reports/findings
    • Consultations
    • Schedule lectures or meetings
  • Jennifer Livingston, Advanced Practice Nurse (501) 364-2678
    • Explanation of medical reports/findings
    • Consultations
  • Liza Murray, M.D., Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (501) 364-3817
    • Explanation of medical reports/findings
    • Consultations
  • Rachel Clingenpeel, M.D., Associate Director (501) 364-3679
    • Explanation of medical reports/findings
    • Consultations
  • Karen Farst, M.D., Director, Team for Children at Risk (501) 364-2650
    • Explanation of medical reports/findings
    • Consultations
  • Gina McGee, Program Administrator (501) 364-1013
    • Administrative support to providers
  •  Jenny Miller, SHIPS-Medical Coordinator (501) 364-2071
    • Edits SHIPS’ Log
    • Issues SHIPS CMEs for nurses
    • SHIPS’ Log questions
    • Schedules SHIPS Conference
  • Social Workers (501-364-1406)
    • Social issues
    • Resources for services
  • Stan Rauls, Legal Educator (501) 227-8999
    • Schedules meetings of attorneys with UAMS professionals

We appreciate the opportunity to participate with you in the evaluation and management of abused children and their families. Please call any of us for concerns or questions.