Location and Map

The Clark Center for Safe and Healthy Children is located at 1210 Wolfe Street.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you or your child be afraid of the visit?
The Department of Pediatrics of the University of Arkansas College of Medicine, in partnership with Arkansas Children’s Hospital, established the Arkansas Children’s House in 1992.  The purpose was to provide a place where children suspected of having been physically or sexually abused can receive gentle physical examinations and help for their families in a comfortable and family-friendly environment.  You and your child should not be afraid of a visit here.  It will be more like the checkup your child has had in the past.  We will measure the height and weight and check your child all over.  We will take a careful look at the genital and anal areas, and we may need to touch with a moistened Q-tip.  A speculum, like is used in adult women, is almost never needed. You can tell your child the visit is for a complete checkup including chest, tummy, and privates.  Girls need to know they are unlikely to have an uncomfortable pelvic examination like adult women receive.  For boys and girls, it is more of a “looking” at the area.

What will the examination show?
You will learn if your child has a normal examination, needs treatment of an injury or infection, or has findings of sexual abuse.  The good news is that most children have normal examinations.  Sexual abuse usually does not cause injuries, and small scratches or scrapes heal very quickly.  A normal examination does not tell you whether or not sexual abuse occurred.

Who should come?
We would like both parents (or legal guardians) to be present if possible.  However, our policy states that alleged offenders will not be permitted in the Children’s House.

Things to do before the visit

• If your child has Medicaid, ARKids or medical insurance, please ask your child’s primary care doctor to fax a referral to the Arkansas Children’s House at 501-364-3939.  Tell your physician that the referral is for an evaluation for child abuse.
• Call us at 501-364-2680 the day before your child’s appointment to confirm it.
• If your child is having a period (cycle/bleeding) on the day of her appointment, call us to reschedule.
• If you will not be able to keep the appointment, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can give it to another child.

When you come:
• Bring your child’s Social Security number.
• Only the child or children to be seen should be brought to the visit, if possible.  If you bring other children, bring someone to watch over them even if both parents come.
• If possible, we ask that both parents come to the visit.  Following the examination, we will seek ways to provide additional help for parents, and we would like both parents to be able to take advantage of this.
• Please be on time.  If you are thirty minutes late for your appointment, we will have to reschedule your child’s visit.

We will look forward to seeing you and your child!