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The Family Treatment Program (FTP) grew out of the need for integrated treatment for family members coping with child sexual abuse. FTP specializes in abuse-focused treatment and management of within-family sexual abuse, children with sexual behavior problems, and youth who have engaged in illegal sexual behavior. Referrals are from the Arkansas Department of Human Services, juvenile courts, Children’s Advocacy Centers, Arkansas State Police, local law enforcement units, prosecutors, attorneys ad litem, victim assistance coordinators, schools, physicians, probation officers, mental health agencies, other concerned professionals, and the families themselves.

Staff are well-trained and experienced, providing evidence-based approaches including Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Child Parent Psychotherapy, and Cognitive Processing Therapy. Treatment can be provided and coordinated for multiple family members, including children who have been victims of sexual abuse, parents and caregivers, and siblings and other family members affected by the abuse. Services are also available for adults who have committed within-family sexual abuse and for youth who have offended. Since opening in 1991, FTP has provided evaluations and treatment for over 3000 children who have been victims of sexual abuse.

Specialized services include individual, family, and group therapies. Treatment is delivered by a multidisciplinary team comprised of two doctoral level psychologists, five social workers, and a psychological examiner. Many of the families are coping with other serious problems directly related to the discovery of the sexual abuse including loss of a home, reduced income, and family conflict. Child physical abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse and other adverse circumstances are often present. Treatment planning must consider these issues in order for the family to cope effectively with the child’s sexual abuse. The therapists must also work with community agencies to coordinate services for children and to minimize system trauma for the child and family.

The Adolescent Sexual Adjustment Project (ASAP) is a specialty treatment program within the Family Treatment Program for treatment of children and adolescents with sexual behavior disorders. Over 2000 youth have been treated since the program began in 1995. Highly trained staff provide assessment and treatment which addresses sexual behavior concerns. Services include individual, family, and group therapy and parent group.  Therapists collaborate with the court, DCFS, and other providers. Adjudicated youth must be referred by the juvenile court.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Family Treatment Program provide services for children sexually abused by an out-of-home offender?    Yes. FTP will evaluate treatment need for any child who has been sexually abused.
  • Can family members receive treatment at FTP? Parents, siblings, and other family members and caregivers may receive services related to the referral issue at FTP.
  • What is the cost for services? Medicaid, private insurance, and various contracts typically cover the cost of services.

Who May Refer Children?

Families may call for an appointment for victim services. Other professionals or agencies may also refer. ASAP referrals are made by the juvenile court and the Department of Children and Family Services.


Referrals are screened by a mental health professional for appropriateness before scheduling for an intake for FTP or psychosexual assessment for ASAP.


Specialized services in the Family Treatment Program and ASAP include individual, family, and group therapies for victims of sexual abuse, children with sexual behavior problems, youth who have committed illegal sexual behavior, parents, and siblings. Treatment is delivered by a multidisciplinary team comprised of psychologists, social workers, and a psychological examiner.