Over the course of the two-year fellowship, 25% time is dedicated towards educational/didactic activities. Educational activities are intensive for the first three months of each year with the primary focus to expand Allergy/Immunology specific knowledge and provide a foundation on which to build clinical care and scholarly activity.

Weekly Conferences:

COLA Summer Lecture Series

The COLA Lecture Series, a well-established collaborative program between the ACAAI and Children’s Mercy Kansas City, utilizes an intensive, interactive, live web-based lecture format provided by national experts in each topic area. The summer lecture series (July-September) covers a wide range of relevant topics in Allergy/Immunology.

Summer Educational Workshop

The Summer Educational Workshops are designed to provide hands-on, experiential, and practical training in a workshop setting with sessions lead by a faculty member or topic expert and tailored to year of training during July – September of each year.

Immunology Board Review

This is a fellow-led self-directed course, with faculty oversight, in basic immunology using Cellular and Molecular Immunology (9th Ed) by Abul K. Abbas MBBS, Andrew H. H. Lichtman M.D., Ph.D., et al. Fellows develop and submit a study plan with goals and timelines for expansion of knowledge base in basic and clinical immunology.

Case Conference

Fellows and faculty are expected to present clinical cases that are challenging (medically, socially, and/or ethically complex) or offer unique learning experiences (i.e. rare diagnoses, collaboration with local/national experts). This will also serve as a time to review adverse patient outcomes in a morbidity and mortality conference format.

Allergy Brown Bag Conference

This includes formal didactic lectures focused on allergic disease and immunologic disorders led by faculty members. Fellows will also be expected to present on a topic of interest at regular intervals during the academic year.


Monthly Conferences:

Journal Club

Faculty members and/or fellows will present cutting-edge, clinically relevant journal articles designed to advance knowledge in clinical care and disease management. reflecting on the hypothesis, methodology, statistical analysis and validity of conclusions in each article.

A/I Research Conference

These division-wide meetings provide a venue to share research updates (research ideas, implementation strategies, and findings), providing trainees the opportunity to present their research and prepare for publications and scientific presentations. During this conference, fellows will be expected to provide an annual update of their scholarly activities.

DOP Fellows Educational Conference

These monthly sessions are designed for all subspecialty fellows in the department of pediatrics and cover a range of topics, such as honing evidence-based medicine and research skills, financial planning, time management techniques, and overall well-being.