The goals of the Allergy and Immunology Division are to provide state-of-the-art clinical care to children; offer comprehensive educational opportunities to patients, their families, and physicians; and conduct cutting-edge research related to allergic and immunologic diseases.
The Allergy and Immunology Division employs a team approach to provide full-service inpatient and outpatient care to children with allergic disease and immunodeficiency disorders. These sub-specialists provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for conditions such as asthma, food and drug allergies, atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, insect sting allergies, and immunodeficiency disorders. The medical professionals work in partnership with local and regional physicians to manage these diseases by offering prompt feedback and open partnerships.
Basic, clinical and applied health research programs within the Allergy and Immunology Division focus on three broad areas including asthma and respiratory disease, food allergy, and primary immunodeficiency disorders. Tobacco Settlement Funds are being used to expand research of respiratory disease in the newly established Lung Cell Biology Laboratory with the primary goal to advance therapy for asthma and other respiratory conditions by understanding the cellular and molecular processes of disease.



Stacie Jones
Stacie M. Jones, M.D., FAAAAI
Professor of Pediatrics, Fellowship Program Director
Chanchaldeep Sood
Amika Sood, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Associate Program Director of Fellowship Program
Tamara Perry
Tamara T. Perry, M.D., FAAAAI, FAAP
Professor of Pediatrics, Chief of Allergy and Immunology
Robert Pesek
Robbie Pesek, M.D.
Associate Professor of Allergy and Immunology
Medical Director of Allergy, Severe Asthma, and Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorders Clinic at ACH
Amy Scurlock
Amy M. Scurlock, M.D.
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Joshua Kennedy
Josh Kennedy, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Allergy and Immunology
Sheva Chervinskiy
Sheva Chervinskiy, D.O.
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Diana Mendoza-Munoz
Diana Munoz-Mendoza, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Anne Hiegel
Anne Hiegel, APRN
Pediatric Advanced Practice Nurse
Peggy Chandler
Peggy Chandler, APRN
Pediatric Advanced Practice Nurse
Richard Kurten, Ph.D.
Richard Kurten, Ph.D.
Sarah Blossom, Ph.D.
Sarah Blossom, Ph.D.
Shannon Rose, Ph.D.
Shannon Rose, Ph.D.


Office Administration:

Donna K. Miller, Office Manager, Peds Allergy/Immunology Section

Contact Information: 501-364-4092/




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