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The Biostatistics Program can assist in the development, planning, and execution of both pre-clinical and clinical research studies. We provide statistical assistance with intramural grant applications such as ABI and CTSA Pilot Award grant programs. We also assist with extramural grants applications through agencies such as NIH (e.g. R01, R21, etc.) and CDC.

The program has faculty and staff with areas of statistical expertise that include the following:

  • longitudinal data analysis
  • time-to-event / survival analysis
  • generalized linear modeling with special emphasis that includes:
    • developing clinical prediction models
    • analyzing extremely skewed outcomes
  • genomics and pharmacogenetic studies
  • long-term, “real world” observational studies performed in a clinical setting
  • imputation strategies to analyze data with missing observations
  • Bayesian hierarchical modeling

Upon request, the Biostatistics Program may provide general statistical education through talks, seminars, and short courses.


Mario Cleves, Ph.D.,  Director
Xinyu Tang, Ph.D.
Mallik Rettiganti, Ph.D.
Sudeepa Bhattacharyya, Ph.D.
Shasha Bai, Ph.D.
Cruz Velasco-Gonzalez, Ph.D.
Xiang-Yang Lou, Ph.D.


  • Jeff Gossett, MS
  • Zhuopei Hu, MS
  • Mimi Saylors, MPH
  • Di Chang, MPH

Research Informatics

  • Julie Nick, Informatics Project Manager
  • Sunitha Kenchey, Clinical Systems Analyst


  • Amber Sharp, BS