About Faculty Council:

Council Achievements:

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Faculty Council Members:

Mary Ann Scott
Mary A Scott, Ph.D.
Robert Buchmann, D.O.
Robert Buchmann, D.O.
Aline Andres
Aline Andres, Ph.D.
Amy Scurlock
Amy Scurlock, M.D.
Ashley Antipolo
Ashley Antipolo, M.D.
Debopam Samanta
Debopam Samanta, M.D.
Elijah Bolin
Elijah Bolin, M.D.
Faculty Council President
Francesca Miquel Verges Photo 3
Franscesca Miquel-Verges, M.D.
Kendall Stanford
Kendall Stanford, M.D.
Olivia Irby
Olivia Irby, M.D.
Faculty Council Vice President
Ronald Sanders
Ronald Sanders, M.D.
Hall Whit MD
Whit Hall, M.D.
Yu-Chil Annie Wang
Yu-Chi Annie Wang, M.D.

Ex Officio Members: 

Beatrice Boateng
Beatrice Boateng, Ph.D.
Joan Cranmer
Joan Cranmer, Ph.D.
Chair, Pediatrics Promotion and Tenure Committee
Rebecca Latch
Rebecca Latch, M.D.
Renee A. Bornemeier, M.D.
Renee Bornemeier, M.D.
Vice Chair of Faculty Affairs


How to Contact Faculty Council: 
Danielle Dowthard, MBA, Program Specialist
Office: 501.364.3604
Fax: 501.978.6498