Faculty Affairs

Vice Chair of Faculty Affairs: Renee A. Bornemeier, M.D.

Renee A. Bornemeier, M.D.Dr. Renee A. Bornemeier is the Vice Chair of Faculty Affairs in the Department of Pediatrics.

She is also a Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Pediatric Cardiology at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

The Office of Faculty Affairs includes

  • The Faculty Council
  • Promotion and Tenure
  • Mentoring
  • Faculty Development
  • Faculty Wellness and  Vitality


Your faculty team includes

  • Dr. Joan Cranmer: Mentoring and Promotion and Tenure
  • Dr. Beatrice Boateng: Faculty Development
  • Danielle Dowthard, MBA – Project Specialist.

Contact Danielle for any questions you have.