Message from the Program Director

Dear Prospective Resident:

Hank Farrar

I believe that our greatest strength as a residency program is that we have great residents. Our housestaff works well together developing friendships that last long after residency has ended. Upper-level residents consistently demonstrate excellent leadership skills and take an active role in teaching the interns. Residents at all levels of training assume responsibility for their patients’ care and develop confidence in clinical decision making while demonstrating professionalism in their personal interactions.

We are also fortunate to have an outstanding teaching faculty. In particular, our chief residents are readily available, are excellent physicians, are proven leaders, and serve as examples of professionalism. This is a teaching hospital where resident education is a top priority. As such, the clinical faculty is approachable and works well with the residents in clinical settings. They are also available to provide mentorship for those residents whether choosing a career in general pediatric practice or seeking subspecialty training and research experience.

Arkansas Children’s Hospital is the primary site for the residency training program. As it is one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the United States, our housestaff have the opportunity to work with very diverse patient populations from both rural and urban settings. While we care for patients with a wide range of medical problems, some of which require complex subspecialty care, a solid education in general pediatrics continues to be the primary goal for our residents. Our program focuses on training residents to be excellent general pediatricians.

Thank you for your interest in our pediatric residency program. We believe that we have an excellent training program and are looking forward to your visit.

Hank Farrar, M.D.
Residency Program Director
Professor of Pediatrics
Sections of Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology and Emergency Medicine


Message from Arkansas Children’s President & CEO

Dear Prospective Resident:

Marcy Doderer, FACHEThank you for your interest in the Department of Pediatrics and Arkansas Children’s. I hope you’ll read more about our comprehensive services on our website, but as President and CEO of Arkansas Children’s, I want to personally share with you a little about our history, our future, and most importantly our culture.

For over 100 years, Arkansas Children’s has provided care to the children of Arkansas and beyond, and today that privilege includes serving more than 700,000 children across the state. In the past seven years, we have evolved from a single site hospital in the middle of the state into the only pediatric health system, with two hospitals, a research institute, a philanthropic foundation, regional clinics and alliances, telemedicine, and statewide outreach programs.

Our mission at Arkansas Children’s is to champion children by making them better today and healthier tomorrow. And we do so by working to fulfill our promise: Unprecedented child health. Defined and delivered. This is really exciting work and our 2020-2025 strategic plan addresses the many ways we are working towards fulfilling that promise.

We have four core values at Arkansas Children’s: safety, teamwork, compassion, and excellence. Everything we do starts with safety – safety for our patients and safety for our staff. We bookend safety with the value of excellence. While we may not be perfect, we can be excellent. Teamwork and compassion place people at the center of what we do. These values are the words that define our behavior and make our employees proud to work here.

I believe if you feel called to be in pediatric healthcare, you will be fulfilled in your work every day at Arkansas Children’s. Our strong partnership with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Department of Pediatrics, allows us to offer a tremendous teaching environment so you will complete your residency well-prepared for a successful professional career.

I hope you will consider joining our mission as we take bold steps to grow and advance the future of child health and Arkansas Children’s.

Marcy Doderer, FACHE
President & CEO
Arkansas Children’s