Top 10 Reasons to chose Pediatrics at UAMS and ACH:

(Some funny and serious reasons as told to the Housestaff by our awesome current residents!)

10. Free food is always a plus.

9. The faculty are so supportive and amazing! We always have a lot of the faculty members come for morning report.

8. Technologically advanced classroom and archived resident lectures.

7. The River Trail is amazing for bike riding/running!!!

6. Great residents. They will be there for you whenever you need them and can have fun with them too.

5. Parking adjacent to hospital makes for quick and easy access (especially when running a tad bit late…)

4. Amazing office staff willing to go the extra mile so residents can focus on education not bureaucracy.

3. Basketball Court on the Roof – When considering where you want to do pediatric residency, one of the first things you should ask yourself is “Do they have a basketball court on the roof?” If not, they should be moved to the very bottom of (if not removed from) your rank list.

2. Great stand alone Children’s Hospital that supports resident education

1. A Program Director that always has the best interest of the residents. He is approachable and really listens to our ideas and suggestions. (An added bonus that he looks like Santa!)