The overall goal of our program, in the simplest terms, is to provide residents with the training necessary to be an excellent pediatrician. This seems like a reasonable goal considering that about half of our residents choose a career in general pediatrics.  But we also believe that the best pediatric specialists all begin as very good general pediatricians.

A solid understanding of general pediatrics is the basis of all of your future clinical expertise.  Regardless of the career path you choose, you will need to be a physician who is able to provide comprehensive, coordinated care to a broad range of pediatric patients whether in a community or academic setting, and whether those patients have acute short term illnesses or chronic and complex diseases.

To achieve this goal, we have different objectives for each year of training.  Internship focuses on training in general pediatric care with some experience in the supervision of medical students.  The goal of the second and third years of training includes continued training in comprehensive pediatric care, with greater emphasis on pediatric specialty care, greater responsibility for patient care, greater independence in clinical decision making and increasing responsibility in the supervision of junior housestaff and medical students.

Our program is also committed to the importance of the diversity in order to enhance the education of our residents, reduce racial and ethnic health disparities in our state, and provide an environment in which all employees and views are welcomed.