Little Rock: An Enticing Place to Grow a Career

About The City

Little Rock, Arkansas is an unconventional small city located in the center of the state on the Downtown Little Rockbeautiful Arkansas River. With a population of just under 200,000, Little Rock is large enough to be culturally diverse and small enough to encourage a feeling of community among its citizens.   Some of the neighborhoods are as old as the city itself with Victorian homes and original architecture; others are new developments with spacious houses and acreage on the outskirts of the city. All of them contribute to the flavor of the town, which is one of modern innovation tempered by rich history.

Legend has it that Little Rock was first named in 1722 when French explorer Benard de la Harpe used a small outcropping of rocks on the bank of the river as a landmark during his his northbound journey. “La Petite Roche” stuck as the area became a rough settlement in the early 19th century; the city was officially named when Arkansas achieved statehood in 1836.  Today, “the Little Rock” can be found in La Petite Roche Plaza at the foot of the Junction Bridge.

Little Rock continued to make history during the 20th century. Little Rock Nine statues on the State Capitol groundsLittle Rock Central High School saw a firestorm of controversy in 1957 when then-president Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered its desegregation in the face of violent local opposition. Former United States President Bill Clinton was the first person from the state elected to the Presidency. The Old State House gained national attention when Clinton delivered both his election night acceptance speeches from its front steps.

In the older neighborhoods of Little Rock, visitors can see the evolution from antique to modern development along the city’s skyline.  Century-old museums in the downtown district nestle comfortably with high-rise condominiums and the futuristic Clinton Library.  The revitalization of this area has encouraged a bustling economy; a revamped Riverfront Park, the new River Rail streetcar system, and ultramodern office buildings have encouraged large corporations to pour money and jobs into the center of the metro area.

What the Residents Do

The city possesses breathtaking natural beauty thanks to its mountains, river valleys, and miles of untouched woods.  The landscape is ideal for hiking, sailing, camping, and more.  Man-made wonders such as the Big Dam Bridge and the Arkansas River Trail attract all kinds of urban foot traffic with tens of thousands of visitors each year.

For many residents, Little Rock’s variety of outdoor activities are a perfect match for their active lifestyles.  Avid runners and hikers spend a lot of time on the Big Dam Bridge and Pinnacle Mountain.Scenic shot of Arkansas nature

With its art and educational centers such the Little Rock Zoo, the Museum of Discovery and the Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock is a great place to educate and entertain the kids.

Those looking for night life have their pick of things to do in the city.  Little Rock restaurants, comedy clubs, movie theaters and live music venues offer something to do every night of the week.  Residents love to meet friends and experience Shop ‘N’ Sip in Hillcrest on the first Thursday of each month.