Our three-year pediatric residency and four-year combined pediatric and internal medicine residency are offered in accordance with the American Board of Pediatrics and the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education.  Our rotations specifically meet the requirements outlined by these agencies.  Additional rotations, electives, and conferences reflect our priority for a curriculum that is well coordinated with a balance of inpatient and outpatient training.  Educational experiences are offered in a variety of settings—direct patient care with one-on-one teaching and supervision by faculty, patient care conferences, didactic sessions, and personal study. Classroom

Our focus on individual residents is demonstrated by our Resident Advisor program. Regular sessions with an advisor allow for structured feedback and the development of a collegial, trusting relationship. Regular meetings of our Advisor Committee assure that all aspects affecting education are addressed.  Full-time housestaff personnel are available to guide each resident through the program and to provide a range of technical assistance. We also want input from our residents on program design and quality.  Residents and faculty both participate in the annual program review through the Program Evaluation Committee.  A Housestaff Curriculum Committee, which includes both faculty and residents, meets regularly to develop and review all aspects of resident courses of study. Finally, residents can discuss ideas and concerns at Chief’s Council and the UAMS Resident Council.

Most of our resident lectures are recorded and archived for future reference. Follow this link to view the recorded sessions.