Why did you choose ACH?

“I wanted two things in a residency program: friendly atmosphere where everyone wants to help you and see you succeed and a larger children’s hospital/residency program where I will see a wide array of disease to help gain a strong clinical foundation.  At other programs, I felt that one or the other was being sacrificed, but at ACH it is the best of both worlds.”
—Danielle Herington, M.D., Current Resident, U. of North Dakota

“ACH gave me the impression that everyone here belongs to one big family – I have already been welcomed with open arms.  It feels great to love the people to you work with.”
—Lauren Appell, M.D., Current Resident, U. of Alabama

“I immediately felt at home.  The people here are fantastic, from the coordinators to the faculty to my fellow residents.  ACH creates an environment where residents not only survive but thrive.”
—Sarah Perez, M.D., Current Resident, UTMB

What makes this residency program great?

“At ACH, we have world-class faculty members that are not only friendly and intelligent, but love teaching residents.  They work very hard to prepare residents for their future careers.”
—Zack Shearer, M.D., Alumni, UAMS

“My fellow residents and the Housestaff!  Everyone works well as a team and makes the environment great. And I know the Housestaff is always available for support, making this residency process much smoother!”
—Keyaria Gray, D.O., Alumni, Oklahoma St.

“The support the residents receive as we go through our training is amazing.  They really take care of us, which gives us more time to focus on our training.”
—April Clawson, Current Resident, UAMS

“We have staff/faculty that foster teamwork, are encouraging and truly develop a sense of being a family.”
—Jacob Filipek, M.D., Current Resident, UAMS

“The people! Everyone was nice and helpful on the interview trail, and that had definitely carried over since I started here.”
—Shawn Cecil, M.D., Current Resident, U. of Alabama

“The residents are happy, friendly and want to help each other learn.  The attendings want to teach.”
—Jennigale Webb, D.O., Current Resident, U. of North Texas

What do you like best about Arkansas Children’s Hospital?

“What I like best about ACH is that in spite of being a decently sized program there’s a friendliness, openness, and genuine interest in education that I could sense even on my interview. Attendings and upper-level residents are always willing to answer questions or help. These were huge factors that drew me to the program initially and so far I have not been disappointed!”
—Charlie Williams, M.D., Alumni, Texas A&M

“I wanted to be in an institution where I had great exposure to pathology as well as friendly co-workers.”
—Sam Selby, M.D., Alumni, U. of North Texas

“Everyone is committed to the needs of the residents.  We have the support not only of the Housestaff Office, Program Director and Chairman of Pediatrics, but the entire ACH hospital and staff.  As a result, we have an opportunity to see and experience as much as our heart desires in whatever field we desire to see.”
—Gwen Weatherspoon, M.D., Alumni, U. of Alabama

“The UAMS Pediatric Residency Program truly helped me to grow and better myself as a doctor.  It’s the perfect balance of having help and guidance when you need it but also getting the autonomy that allows you to make decisions on your own.  I felt very confident in my skills after leaving this great program!”
—Ashley Wilcox Halpain, M.D., Alumni, Texas A&M

“Doing residency here was one of the best decisions I ever made. Coming from a very hands-on medical school, I knew that I learned from doing and seeing. Here we get an amazing amount of experience performing procedures and taking care of very sick children both in the ER and ICU setting. Also, Little Rock has been a great place to live, both affordable and safe, as well as a lot of fun.”
—Laura Campion, Alumni, Texas Tech

“My Pediatric residency experience at UAMS/ACH was wonderful. Everyone there made me feel at home. I made friendships that will last a lifetime. I also feel that my training experience prepared me for life in the “real world” of private practice. I was given a solid foundation to build from post- residency.”
—Jennifer Collier, M.D., Alumni, UT Memphis

“During my time at ACH I felt as if I was part of a large family that truly took interest in its charges, not just in our academic development, but also in our personal well-being. I was both well cared for and well prepared for my career ahead of me. I have been in private practice for a year and a half, and I am thankful daily for the training that I received. My experience at ACH prepared me very well.”
—Ashley Gonzalez, M.D., Alumni, LSU Shreveport

“The moment I left Little Rock after interviewing at ACH, I knew that I wanted to come back and live here. The people at ACH were both welcoming and delightful, and I was very impressed with all the opportunities the program had to offer. In addition, the camaraderie amongst the residents and faculty members is truly unique. I couldn’t wait to come back to Little Rock!”
—Sara Anvari, M.D., Alumni, Ireland

“The support staff in the Housestaff office – It never ceases to amaze me how what I think of as a big deal or mini-crisis is completely solved within about 5 minutes of them hearing about it.”
—Rebecca Kidd, M.D., Alumni, U. of Texas, San Antonio

“Definitely, the people!  From the residents to the Housestaff, everyone seemed so comfortable and close to each other.  There is a family feel to ACH!”
—Tracie Calloway, D.O., Alumni, Oklahoma State University

“The best attributes of ACH is that it is a stand-alone children’s hospital with almost any subspecialty that you can think of and that it serves all of Arkansas with some of the bordering states, so we get to see and treat a wide variety.”
—Katie Meche, M.D., Alumni, LSU Shreveport