A great deal of emphasis and protected time is given to fellow research. Fellows are allocated 12 months throughout their three years for research. The PEM division is committed to research and collaborates on several projects with multiple pediatric subspecialties. A dedicated research assistant works with the fellows throughout their training and assists with project design, IRB and grant submission, data collection and recruitment, conference presentations, and maintains a research binder for each fellow. Each fellow has an individual mentor, as well as a Scholarship Oversight Committee, to provide guidance and feedback throughout fellowship.  The expectations for fellow research are as follows:

  • Independent research project that culminates in a first author paper ready for journal submission prior to graduation
  • A smaller administrative project involving some aspect of QA/QI for the hospital or department
  • Each of our fellows participates in writing a review article on wide variety of topics that results in a publication
  • Fellows submit a case for Emergiquiz or PemPix during fellowship
  • National Fellows Conference – Held in the spring of each year, first year fellows attend this conference where they get an opportunity to present their research ideas to leaders in the field of PEM and receive feedback and guidance
  • Presentation at the department annual fellows research day
  • Presentation at national meetings and conferences are encouraged and supported with funding