Current Fellows (2017 -2018)

Matt Digman, M.D. – 3rd Year Fellow

Matt Digman, M.D.
Hometown: Fort Smith, AR
Undergrad: Henderson State University
Residency: UAMS
Fun Fact: In his spare time, Matt fine-tunes his intubation skills via his two favorite hobbies: archery and video games.

Shane McKinney, M.D. – 3rd Year Fellow
Shane McKinney, M.D.
Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Undergrad: Louisiana State University
Residency: University of Alabama Birmingham
Fun Fact: Prior to beginning his conquest of the medical field, Shane reigned supreme in the corporate world and obtained a master’s degree from Georgia Tech.

Sam Selby, D.O. – 3rd Year Fellow 
Sam Selby, D.O.
Hometown: Odessa, TX
Undergrad: Abilene Christian University
Residency: UAMS
Fun Fact: Sam oversees our Trauma/Resuscitation video review lecture, including directing and starring (lead role of course) in educational videos for staff. Be on the lookout for his Hollywood breakthrough.

Jessica Magruder, M.D. – 2nd Year Fellow
Jessica Magruder, M.D.
Hometown: Houston, TX
Undergrad: Texas A&M University
Residency: UAMS
Fun Fact: Jessica is a Texas girl through and through, much to the chagrin of her Arkansas colleagues. She loves her Aggies, BBQ, Blue Bell ice cream, and queso (that’s right Arkansas, it’s queso, not “cheese dip”).

Sarah Sylvester, M.D. – 2nd Year Fellow
Sarah Sylvester, M.D.
Hometown: Ville Platte, LA
Undergrad: Louisiana State University
Residency: UAMS
Fun Fact: Sarah is the creative artist of the group. Her skills include sketching, painting, and more recently have extended into creative blankets and embroidery.

Hannah Baer, M.D. – 1st Year Fellow
Hannah Baer, M.D.
Hometown: Monroe, LA
Undergrad: University of Louisiana at Monroe
Residency: UAMS
Fun Fact: Hannah enjoys making bad puns. In fact she had a crazy dream the other night that she was swimming in an ocean of orange soda, but turns out it was just a Fanta sea….

Alexa Bollinger, M.D. – 1st Year Fellow
Alexa Bollinger, M.D.
Hometown: Alexandria, LA
Undergrad: Louisiana State University
Residency: LSUHSC – Shreveport
Fun Fact: Prior to entering medicine Alexa taught high school and obtained her Masters degree. She has two fur babies: Baci and Remi.

April Clawson, M.D. – 1st Year Fellow
April Clawson, M.D.
Hometown: Mountain Home, AR
Undergrad: University of Arkansas
Residency: UAMS
Fun Fact: April has a Masters in mathematics and worked as a math instructor prior to starting medical school.