Current Fellows (2020 – 2021)


1st year fellow Yelena Aronchik

Yelena Atlas, M.D. – 3rd Year Fellow

Hometown:  Brooklyn, NY
Undergrad:  Stony Brook University
Residency:  Goryeb Children’s Hospital
Fun Fact:  I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, and I take a yearly trip to Hogwarts. Chance’s are I will force you to take a
sorting quiz just so everyone is aware..I’m in slytherin!




Alamelu Palaniappan, M.D. – 3rd Year Fellow1st year fellow Alamelu Palaniappan

Hometown: Chennai, India
Undergrad:  IRT Medical College, India
Residency:  University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Fun Fact:  Alamelu dreams of vacationing in Stars Hollow with Lorelei and Rory.



1st year fellow Renita Pushparajah


Renita Pushparajah Mak, M.D. – 3rd Year Fellow

Hometown:  Belle Mead, NJ
Undergrad:  Boston University
Residency:  St. Peter’s University Hospital
Fun Fact:  Between ER shifts, you will find Renita planning wedding showers, cooking, and dancing! She will enjoy the beautiful parks in Arkansas to hike.  She likes football, so she will definitely have to learn the “Hog Call!”




Dr. Jonathan Chang, M.D. - 1st Year Fellow


Jonathan Chang, M.D. – 2nd Year Fellow

Hometown:  Atlanta, GA
Undergrad:  Georgia Institute of Technology
Residency:  Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital
Fun Fact:  Jonathan is a man of many talents, one of which includes making pottery on a pottery wheel!




Dr. Abigail Russ - 1st Year Fellow


Abigail Russ, D.O. – 2nd Year Fellow 

Hometown:  Sachse, TX
Undergrad:  Ouachita Baptist University
Residency:  University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences at Arkansas Children’s Hospital
Fun Fact:  She is secretly an old British lady.  She enjoys tea time, baking, and reading books.





Dr. Sarah Passarello - 1st year fellow


Sarah Passarello, M.D. – 2nd Year Fellow

Hometown:  Knoxville, Tennessee
Undergrad:  University of Georgia
Residency:  University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Fun Fact:  Combining her two loves, Sarah has a pug named Obi-Wan Kenobi.




Dr. Patrick Ayers


Patrick Ayers, M.D. – 1st Year Fellow​

Hometown: Brookhaven, MS
Undergrad:   University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS​
Residency:   University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Arkansas Children’s Hospital
Fun Fact: My first two initials combined with my last name spells “PRAerys” and I still have one of my baby teeth!  Patrick also likes craft  beer drinking and cross fitting.

Dr. Jeff Chacko
Jeff Chacko, M.D.  – 1st Year Fellow
Hometown: Little Rock​, AR
Undergrad:   Westminster College – Fulton, MO​
Residency:   University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Arkansas Children’s Hospital
Fun Fact:  Even though hockey is his favorite sport, Jeff played competitive higher level soccer for 18 year.  He also knows how to call the hogs better than any pig farmer.

Dr. Jose Malaspina
José Malaspina​, M.D.  – 1st Year Fellow
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Undergrad:   Universidad Central de Venezuela
Residency:   Texas A&M College of Medicine, Driscoll  Children’s Hospital
Fun Fact: When I was a child we vacationed at Disney World.  Several people approached me for an autograph thinking I was Macaullay Culkin until I answered them with my Spanish accent!