Group of FellowsAngela Scott, M.D., 2013-2016:  Asst Prof UAMS; medical director of Kids First Little Rock Site; UAMS Instructor for medical student ethics, humanities: faculty Literature in Medicine 4th year elective and Literature and Art 4th year elective

Rachel Goode, M.D., 2013-2016 Asst Prof Vanderbilt; serves as LEND faculty and involved in pediatric resident education
Paulette Wy, M.D., 2011-2014 Asst Prof UAMS; leads medical students’ DBP didactics regularly
Jaimie Flor, M.D., 2010-2013:  Asst Prof UAMS position; co-director DBP pediatric resident rotation

Two fellows

Barbara Saunders, D.O., 2010-2013 Asst Prof U of Miss; Director of resident and medical DBP education
Kimberly Macferran, M.D., 2008-2011: Asst Prof Scott and White 2011-2013, private practice since 2013 in Midland, TX
Katherine Burns, M.D., 2007-2010: Asst Prof UAMS until 2012, now DBP in private practice