1870 – 1970: 100 years of growth



It all began in 1879 when the dissection of cadavers became legal in 1873 – an essential component of medical education – a number of Little Rock physicians were committed to forming a traditional medical school. The Arkansas Industrial University Medical Department was incorporated Sept. 26, 1879.



1904 The establishment of the Department of Pediatrics under Morgan Smith, MD. Head of Department of Pediatrics from 1904 to 1935.
1912 UAMS moves to her current location (on West Markham Street) and Morgan Smith MD becomes the Dean of the College of Medicine
Arkansas Childrens Hospital was established in 1913 and got its start as an orphanage in 1913.
1946 A separate Pediatric department was established under the leadership of Vida Gordon, MD. Need to clarify her role?? • Total budget $33,420
• 1 full time pediatrician
• 1 half time pediatrician
• Two nurses, one lab tech, one social worker, two residents, one secretary
• Dr. William Reilly, chair 1947-51
• Dr. Wilbur Lawson, acting chair
1947 William A. Reilly, MD becomes head of Department of Pediatrics from 1947 to 1951.
1951 Wilbur Lawson, MD is Acting Head of Department of Pediatrics from 1951 to 1952.
1952 Katherine Dodd, MD becomes the first female Chair of the Department of Pediatrics 1952 – 1957.
1957 Douglass Heiner, MD – Acting Chairman, Department of Pediatrics 1957 – 1958
1958 Theodore Panos, MD – Chairman, Department of Pediatrics 1958 – 1970. Born in St. Louis in 1915, Theodore Panos grew up in Casper, Wyoming, and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in classical language. He received his medical degree from the State University of Iowa Medical School in 1942. Following an internship in Brooklyn, New York, and Miami, Florida, he completed a pediatrics residency at the University of Minnesota, in 1947. He joined the University of Texas faculty in Galveston, Texas, where he served until UAMS recruited him in 1958 as the third Pediatrics Department Chair.
Dr. Panos was instrumental in moving some pediatrics services from the medical center to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Under his direction, the number of certified pediatricians in Arkansas grew from 19 in 1958 to 51 in 1970, and he trained 32 of those 51 pediatricians.
1960 Department grows clinically and in research – 1960’s
1965 Joycelyn Jones, MD was born August 13, 1933, Schaal, Arkansas, U.S. Dr. Elders joined the army in 1953 and in 1960, she was the only woman to graduate from the University of Arkansas Medical School. Following an internship in pediatrics at the University of Minnesota Hospital in Minneapolis (1960–61), she returned to Arkansas for a residency at the University of Arkansas Medical Center, where she rose to chief pediatric resident in 1963 and pediatric research fellow in 1964. Dr. Elders joined the faculty of the department of Pediatrics in 1965
1970 Dr. Panos died in 1970 in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was scheduled to address the Intermountain Pediatric Society.
His academic and community interests covered a range of topics exemplified in his 80-plus published scientific papers on topics such as metabolism and nutrition in children and cystic fibrosis. For his extended community, Dr. Panos obtained federal grant money to establish a children/youth program that increased healthcare programs for children and families in Pulaski County and he helped found a Maternal and Infant care project that was aimed at lowering mental retardation rates by providing mothers and high-risk children with improved healthcare.
1970 Edwin Hughes, MD Edwin Hughes, MD – Acting Chairman, Department of Pediatrics 1970
1970 Roger Bost, MD Roger Bost, MD – Acting Chairman, Department of Pediatrics 1970 – 1971