There were 37 residents in the class of 1980-1981. Several of the residents trained during those years  ultimately joined the faculty of the Department of Pediatrics, including the following:  Bonnie Taylor, who late became the Chief Medical Officer at ACH; David Becton, later the chief of Hematology/Oncology; Wesley Burks, later the chief of Allergy Immunology; Billy Thomas, later the Vice Chancellor for Minority Affairs at UAMS; Charles Feild, later the chief of Community pediatrics; Bryan Burke; Tyra Henry, and Janet Udouj. By 1989-1990, there were 43 pediatric residents and 11 combined Medicine –Pediatric residents.

Several of these ultimately joined the Faculty of the Dept. of Pediatrics, including the following: Renee Adams Bornemeier, who later became Vice Chairman for Faculty Affairs; Steve Schexnayder who became Chef of the Critical Care section and Vice Chairman for Education; Chris Smith who became Vice Chair for Education; Joe Thompson, who became Director of the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement; Robert Hopkins, who became the chief of the Section of General Medicine in the Department of Medicine; Toni Darville, who later became an internationally recognized researcher in Infectious Diseases and Chief of Infectious Diseases and Vice-Chair for Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Hank Farrar, who later  led the Pediatrics residency program for many years; Rob Lyle, who later became director of the ACH neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Co- Medial Director of the complex care clinic; Malinda Webb; and Virginia “Digie” Melhorn.

By 1993-1994, the last full year of Dr. Robert Fiser’s tenue as Chairman of the Dept of Pediatrics, there were 52 pediatric residents and 14 combined medicine –pediatric residents. Future faculty members in this group included Charlotte Hobbs, who later became the Director of the Arkansas Center for Birth Defects Research and Prevention funded by the CDC, Elizabeth Frazier who later directed the nationally recognized heart transplant program at ACH,  along with Tad Fiser and Shelly Baldwin.