Project for Adolescent and Child Evaluations


To provide the multidisciplinary Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA) in outreach clinics to all children placed in foster care within 60 days of entering custody. To provide the multidisciplinary Mobile Assessments in outreach clinics to all adolescents under a contract with Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Services and Division of Developmental Services within 10 working days of being referred.

Project Description

Depending on the age of the child/adolescent, the evaluations are completed in one visit and include an audiological screening, vision screening, cognitive developmental assessment, academic assessment, behavioral/emotional assessment, a medical evaluation, an assessment of language, articulation, voice and fluency and an oral motor/feeding evaluation when appropriate.  Due to the many areas that need coverage, the evaluations typically last 4-5 hours and involve a pediatrician/advanced practice nurse, psychologist/psychological examiner, and a speech-language pathologist.

To prevent the undue stress of traveling great distances on the children, parents, and DCFS staff, the children/adolescents are seen in seventeen sites around the state for the Comprehensive Health Assessments.  UAMS staffs two fixed sites, Little Rock and Lowell, and travels to fifteen other sites. Currently, UAMS is averaging 236 evaluations per month.

The adolescents in DYS custody are seen in six sites around the state for the Mobile Assessments. UAMS is averaging 50 evaluations per month.


Tyra Reid, M.D.
Medical Director

Susan S. Scott, M.S. CCC-SLP
Clinical Director

Contact Information

PACE/Foster Care

333 Executive Ct, Ste. 200, Slot 512-33
Little Rock, AR 72205
Phone:  501-526-8008
Fax:      501-526-8014