Mary E. Aitken, M.D., MPH, Director
James M. Robbins, Ph.D., Associate Director

Founded in 1990, the Center for Applied Research and Evaluation (CARE) seeks to improve the health of children in Arkansas and the nation through research in the areas of child health services, pediatric injury prevention, and child health development and nutrition. Research results at CARE have influenced child health policies in Arkansas and throughout the country.

CARE is one of the few divisions in a Department of Pediatrics nationally that offers multi-disciplinary applied research focusing on the health of children, their families, and communities.Patient writing on chalkboard

Interactive disciplines include:

  • Epidemiology
  • Health economics
  • Health policy
  • Health services research
  • Medical sociology
  • Nutrition
  • Pediatrics

Research is conducted in three major areas:

  • Child Health Services Research identifies cost-effective practices and policies that result in improved health for children.
  • Pediatric Injury Prevention focuses on interventions designed to reduce and prevent pediatric injuries.
  • Child Health, Development and Nutrition research investigates child health, behavior, and nutrition in relation to development and family functioning.

Faculty Members: