The UAMS Chairman’s Scholars Program is an honorary program for distinguished trainees designed to provide extra enrichment, career preparation, and mentoring during the years of residency training.


Interns entering pediatrics or medicine-pediatrics training at UAMS/ACH who have achieved any one or more of the following criteria are eligible for the program:

  1. Membership in Alpha Omega Alpha
  2. Cumulative class rank at the end of the junior year in the top quartile
  3. USMLE minimum scores of
    1. A minimum of 230 on Step 1 OR Step 2 OR
    2. A minimum of 220 on Step 1 AND Step 2

Each year, the housestaff will elect one of their peers to join the program based solely on outstanding performance in training. It is not necessary for these persons to have met the criteria above for entering interns.


Scholars will receive an allocation of $1,500 per year for their last two years of training (total of $3,000) in a special Scholar’s Fund in addition to their regular E-fund. These dollars may be used in any of the following ways:

  1. To attend an approved national meeting in pediatrics or pediatric subspecialty of interest.
  2. To hold in reserve to attend a board review course in the final year of training.
  3. To hold in reserve to pay for board exams.
  4. To defray living expenses for an approved elective “away” rotation in field of interest.
  5. To pay for expenses related to an approved medical mission trip.

Scholars will be invited to attend twice a year Career Development Program Dinners hosted by the Chair.