The Clinical Scientist and Basic Scientist Mentoring Program was established to provide support, counseling, and direction of clinician scientists during their academic advancement. The program utilizes department- and university-based faculty who have proven records of conducting research, receiving research awards, and publishing findings to provide appropriate feedback to younger faculty on research-based tenure pathways. Mentor tutelage is shaped to help faculty members become more focused in their work; steer them to new funding opportunities; help them to network and establish collaborative relationships; and reduce anxiety concerning academic success, grant funding, and the promotion process.

Mentoring committees are established for ALL new faculty within the Department of Pediatrics.

The process requires each clinical scientist to identify three to five members to serve on a committee. Members are largely selected from the faculty body at UAMS; however, other scientists and researchers with appropriate skills and experience are also welcome additions. A committee chair is designated to take a leadership role in assuring that the committee operates productively and is of appreciable benefit to the faculty member. After notification of members, the committee is required to meet two times the first year and once each year subsequent year. The progress of each committee is communicated with the department chair and vice chair of research.

Department of Peds contact: Rachel Hale, MA at 364-3604 or

UAMS Faculty Affairs Office: Promotion and Tenure (link)

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